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Offering more for less.

Tired of paying too much for reliable mobile service? Make the switch to CarolinaConnect Mobile and take advantage of our low-cost wireless plan on America’s most reliable network. It’s just the latest in added services and more value from CarolinaConnect.

Unlimited Plan
$40/month per line
Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

Monthly cost per line does not include taxes and fees.
Data may be slower after 20 GB or 5 GB hotspot.

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Take advantage of unlimited talk, text and data on America’s most reliable 4G LTE/5G network.

Sign up today and save. Here’s how:
1. Shop for a new phone, then sign up for service.
2. Sign up with your own device.
3. Call customer service at 803.785-3455 and select OPTION 4.
    7 am – 6 pm EST, M-F
    8 am – 6 pm EST, Sat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get CarolinaConnect Mobile if I don’t have CarolinaConnect internet service?
Yes, as long as you reside in South Carolina, you can get CarolinaConnect Mobile even if you do not have CarolinaConnect internet service.

Are there any contracts or long-term commitments with CarolinaConnect Mobile?
No, unless you have enrolled in a financing plan for the phone device.

Can I keep my old phone number when I switch to CarolinaConnect Mobile?
Yes, you can keep your phone number when switching to CarolinaConnect Mobile. We accept phone numbers from all carriers. Do not cancel service with your current carrier until you’ve successfully transferred your phone number. To do that, you’ll need account information from your previous carrier, including your account number and a transfer PIN.

Are taxes and fees applied to CarolinaConnect Mobile’s Unlimited Plan?
Yes, taxes and fees apply.

Can I bring my own phone to CarolinaConnect Mobile?
Yes, as long as your phone is compatible with our network, you may use your phone with CarolinaConnect Mobile.

How do I set up service with CarolinaConnect Mobile?
Call customer service at 803.785-3455 and select OPTION 4. Or, shop for a new phone or sign up for services with your own phone here.

Need help? Call 803.785-3455 and select OPTION 4.
7 am – 6 pm EST, M-F
8 am – 6 pm EST, Sat.